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Brief introduction

I've designed this website to help you get to know me. You will find information about my experience, samples of my work, an snapshots of my life. I'll also use this site as a kind of commonplace book, where I'll record some of my thoughts and share insights from my reading and observations of the world.

This is a work in progress, so please provide feedback if there's something you think I could improve. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site!


I study business management with an emphasis in strategy. My interest in strategic planning started as a prolific Lego builder, continued throughout my childhood into long games of Risk and chess, and blossomed during my high school years and missionary service, where I held various leadership roles.

Upon graduating, I want to use my interpersonal and analytical skills in a management consulting or technology role. I love working with committed and diverse teams, and I particularly love working on a project where I can see that my efforts have improved the final product.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy reading, playing basketball and tennis, cheering for the Jazz and the Utah Utes, skiing, traveling, and spending time with my wife.


My love for writing began in kindergarten when I decided I wanted to be an author/illustrator when I grew up. Although my artistic talent never fully developed, I spent much of my childhood making up stories with my friends. I'm a natural talker, what some call the gift of the gab, and writing is simply an extension of that habit.

While in college, I've had multiple opportunities to participate in the publishing process, starting in my freshman year when my Honors class received funding to publish our term papers. Since then, my work has included a biography of my grandma and a compilation of essays from my time in the Holy Land. Most recently, I have been working with a team to create a reference library of social issue briefs that will be used as a launch pad for future social innovation initiatives and research.

I am pursuing a minor in editing because I'm one of those strange people who finds pleasure in correctly identifying the objective case and the subordinate clause. More importantly, I believe persuasion is at the heart of leadership and clear communication is at the heart of persuasion. My efforts to change the world won't go too far if I can't convince anyone to join me.