William Adams
Strategist | Editor

Business Case Competitions

While in the strategy program I have worked on a wide range of businesses cases with more than a dozen groups.

Case problems have included:

  • Bringing 53,000 subsistence farmers from poverty while helping them produce fair trade and organic certified produce.
  • Increasing the number of paying customers for a local fiber optics provider.
  • Repurposing Redbox in response to emerging threats.
  • Discovering the players and interactions of the recidivism ecosystem of Utah.
  • Leveraging Delta’s current assets and capabilities to combat low-cost carriers.
  • Developing guiding principles for the integration of future acquisitions for a major Internet portal.
  • Improving profits for Dell in the face of rival imitation and distribution channel restructuring.
  • Maximizing Comcast’s profits across its portfolio to counter release of HBO Now.
  • Finding the optimal price to charge customers for usage data at local software company.
  • Repositioning Sears in the consumer’s mind by focusing on the job-to-be-done.
  • Mapping the end-to-end mixology process of a local soda bar.

Business Intelligence Skills

My coursework in strategy and information systems have made me proficient in the following areas:

  • Excel:
    1. Data Analysis ToolPak
    2. Solver ToolPak
    3. Demand Analysis
    4. Production Analysis
    5. Experience Curve Analysis
    6. Profit Maximization
  • Tableau
  • MS Access
  • SQL
  • ERDs
  • HTML5, CSS

For a demo of my Tableau skills, please see the Demo tab above.

Usage & Grammar Skills

I've learned lots of things in my English classes.

  • Adobe InDesign

I've also learned substantive editing and copy editing.

Writing Samples

  1. Freshman Honors Book
  2. Biography of Grandma
  3. Jerusalem Book
  4. Ballard Brief
  5. Contraction research paper
  6. Strategy thought paper